Off The Cuff is a visual spoken word series showcasing various actors and personalities going into character to perform the ''off the cuff" poetry and writing of Jack Piatt. 
Written & Directed by: Jack Piatt 
Produced by: Anita Leeman Torres, Jack Piatt, Steven Hudosh, Chaz Moore, Peter Munters, Adam Khalid 
Associate Producer: Robert Brettenaugh 
Director of Photography: Matthew Wozniak Editor: Chaz Moore 
Sound Designer: Peter Munters 
Casting Director: Anita Leeman Torres 
Filmed at Blue Suede Studios Van Nuys, CA

"Crock Pot" performed by Anita Leeman

"A Circus Story" performed by Robert Brettenaugh

"Spiders" performed by Amberlee Colson

"The Endless Daydream Gone Mad" performed by Marshelle Fair

"Mondays and Other Things To Think About" performed by Alex Sanborn

"The Hook" performed by Doreen Calderon

"Throwaway Day" performed by Roberto Montesinos

"Masks and Mirrors" performed by Robert Brettenaugh

"Jarma" performed by Marissa Castillo

"Separation of Flesh and Fate" performed by Gilbert Chavarria

"Homeless in Carbondale" performed by Tai Bennett

"Dreaming in Motion" performed by Anita Leeman

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